感谢婚礼!Thanks for the wedding!

上个星期一次意外的惊喜,一对新人向我订购了婚礼蛋糕的装饰花!因为早已打算最近所有手工和图片都用于义卖,所以尽管新人一再压价,我还是决定为他们做!由于最后决定的时间仓促,所以装饰花差不多是最后一个晚上通宵赶出来的,因此没有留下什么照片!第二天一早又亲自送到婚礼现场为他们把花装上,顺便拍了几张照片!在此非常感谢这对新人的订购,总共1000克朗,会及时捐到中国红十字会!Last week, I got an order from a couple. They wanted me to make suger flowers for the wedding cake. I was very happy because it was my first order for the earthquake, so even I didn’t get as much money as I expected, I still wanted to do it! The final decision came a little bit late, so all the flowers were done the last night 4 o’ clock before the wedding day. Next morning we went to the couple and took some pictures! Carl was the photographer and I assisdent him, it was a happy day except I was very tired after! Now I want to say thanks for the weding and order, and I will put the money directly to the Chinese Red Cross. (photos by Linn)忘记说了,卡雷是这次婚礼的主摄影师,很快就能看到他的精彩照片,以下几张是我自己拍了留念的!


  • Your pictures are so so nice!!! I’m so happy that you’re assisting me on weddings. :D How many assistants are holding the reflector at the same time they’re taking a picture?.. You did, many times! :D

  • Clive says:

    Very nice pictures, Linn. It’s nice to keep up with some of what you guys do. Glad to hear about the China Fund. I am not able at moment, but when I can would contribute.

    Best regards, to both of you,

  • spalbird says:

    Things become easily late… Linn, you forgot to show the sugar flowers, ts ts ts. I admire your endurance, and of course, also your results. Well done!

  • momzl says:


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