瑞典婚礼-录像!Our Swedish wedding!



I will update some pictures and films both from our Chinese and Swedish weddings.
Thanks to our family and friends who came to our weddings and who concerned about us!

Our Wedding, Sweden.. (english and chinese subs) from Carl Rytterfalk on Vimeo.


  • Clive says:

    Such a nice way to share, Linn and Kalle.

    I really enjoyed it all, including the one big surprise to us who don’t know you and your family in Sweden.

    A very capable and talented family, where you can appreciate several musics alone in this video, starting with that wonderful prelude played for 9 Million Bicycles, which was itself a most appropriate choice of song.

    Well, thank you. Takk…

    You know I wish the best to both of you, and the families you join.


  • Clive says:

    p.s. better let people know they can find this, if they don’t have RSS left for Linn’s weblog….!

  • Liu Dong yun says:

    Thank you Clive,

    I am very happy to “see” you and read your comments. I thought nobody would remember my blog for such a long time without updating anything but you still come!!!!!

    Thank you for that and I feel warm inside!:)

    All the best!

  • jean says:



  • Weeding is a very special and memorable day of life for everyone.

  • 何千 says:


  • 何千 says:


  • There are always ups and downs whenever you have a new release. Just hang in there !!! Thanks for the great read

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