巴黎之旅发表于“青年与社会”!Paris Journey was published!



  • Clive says:

    Linn, I think Paris really captured your heart.

    It happens to many ;)

    Very glad you brought your camera and used it so.

    I felt reminded of very much I appreciate on the Continent of Europe. Each place has some of the flavors; perhaps Paris most of all.


  • Liu Dong yun says:

    Hi Clive,

    I’m very glad to hear from you again! :)
    Yes! I am sort of falling love with traveling again, especial now I have some extra time. I think Paris is very charming and it’s my first stop but not the last. I have already booked tickets to Rome, and this time I will bring both camera and Carl! :)

    Best wishes!

  • Clive says:

    Hi Linn,

    Good idea, bringing Calle ;) . He would probably appreciate this…though I think he also really appreciates about your girlfriends, and is generous.

    Italy. Well, I think you can really enjoy there, and there are so many places. Rome I have seen just rapidly on business, but I had about a month in the Emilia Romagna region doing a consultation. With a car and time, I could go on little explorations with a meal around the small towns, learn them quietly, which was fascinating. And Verona, as a smaller city, I really liked, could see some things I knew about.

    Spain is a place I think it is very satisfying to travel. It’s truly large (Italy is also) and has many different cities and places separated by mountains and prairies. You can get a good idea about how Cervantes wrote of travel, always meeting different people.

    Well, Europe. I never think of it as a ‘destination’. It is where people live. As you do also in Göteburg region. This is so valuable in life to know. And for me, as you also now, family too.

    Best to both of you, Linn. I am not sure about attentions to certain Japanese camera makers these days, but I know art progresses, and us.


  • 小何 says:


  • june says:

    坚强的灿烂的 绽放

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